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Document Upload Page

To upload your Claim Form to the website, you must do the following:

  • Print your Claim Form
  • Fill out and sign your Claim Form
  • Scan your filled-out Claim to a .PDF, .TIFF, or .JPEG file
  • Upload your Claim Form by following the steps below

You may file a completed .PDF, .TIFF, or .JPEG version of your claim by uploading it to this website here.

Files may not exceed 1 MB in size.

Enter your Claim number here AIF -

The Claim number is the 10-digit number that appears after the letters “AIF”


Claim #: AIF-0123456789
John Anybody
123 Any Street
Anytown, ZZ 12345

You must click the "Upload and Save" button in order to have them saved and associated with your claim. Then click the "Submit Documents" button to file your claim.